How it should be

Real Bread, made from whole and natural ingredients, is a staple food providing integral protein, carbohydrates, fibre - flavour. Mass-produced white bread bought off the shelf does not.

The ingredients of Real Bread are and always have been:

Flour - Strong Plain or Wholemeal Flour is the bulking ingredient of bread. It forms the structure of the product and contains gluten which helps to form an elastic stretchy dough.

Yeast - Yeast is the raising agent which produces gases to make the bread rise. Because it is living, correct conditions are needed for growth; these are - food, warmth, time and moisture.

Salt - Salt is essential to bring out flavour in the bread and also to condition the dough. Salt is used in small quantities - too much will stop the yeast from growing, too little and the bread will have a coarser texture.

Water - is used to bind the flour together, is essential to yeast growth and helps to form the structure of the bread. Some bread recipes can include a proportion of other liquids, such as milk or buttermilk.

Time - Bread needs time to rise. The yeast needs time to grow and double in size after kneading.

  • Real Bread contains protein, complex carbohydrates, calcium, iron and the B vitamins - thiamin, niacin and a little riboflavin.
  • Real Bread provides more protein, iron, B vitamins and complex carbohydrates per penny than any other food.
  • Real Bread is the major source of fibre in our diet, providing a quarter of our daily intake.
  • Real Bread contains very little fat and virtually no sugar.

How it all too often is

Sadly, however, the vast majority of bread consumed in Britain today is not Real Bread.

80% of all bread is made using a mass production, chemically enhanced, technique known as the Chorleywood Bread Process (CBP) where a loaf of bread can appear on a shelf which has never been touched by the human hand - Lets move on.

17% of bread is finished-off by in store bakeries where a pre-produced dough is defrosted and then baked - Ahem.

Only 3% of bread is still handmade by skilled craft master bakers whose skills have been passed down over generations. They don't tamper with the original recipes and add only one special ingredient - passion.

But don't just take our word for it

Bread isn't just a platform for other flavours; it is the staff of life

Yes, Real Bread costs a few extra pennies, but what a difference those pennies make to flavour and goodness.

Seek us out. Visit our shops in Haslemere or Grayshott, or use our Outlets maps to find your nearest The Granary Bakery retailer.

  • Real Bread doesn't contain flour treatment agent, bleach, reducing agent soya flour, emulsifiers or preservatives.
  • Real Bread has never been frozen before sale.
  • Real Bread hasn't travelled miles and miles in lorries.

  • Real Bread is local and better for the environment.
  • Real Bread can be bought fresh and then frozen at home as a chemical-free alternative to supermarket bread.
  • Real Bread is healthier for you and has real flavour.
  • Real Bread is baked fresh every day - by people who care.