Why Choose Real Bread?

Real Bread is healthier, tastes better, and baked fresh every day. The only essential ingredients of bread are: Flour, Water, Yeast and Salt. Additional ingredients are great as long as they are natural (e.g. seeds, nuts, cheese, herbs, oils, fats and dried fruits) and contain no artificial additives.

What Real Bread isn't...

Unlike 'supermarket bread', the making of Real Bread does not involve the use of any processing aids, artificial additives, dough conditioners, preservatives, chemical leavening or, frankly, artificial anything.

Why Choose Granary Bakery?

The Granary Bakery is a traditional craft bakery producing fresh bread daily - traditional loaves, ryes, yeast free breads, wheat free breads, speciality breads, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, pies and savouries from a portfolio of over 140 recipes.

Our second generation Master Bakers, Nathan and Ross Kavanagh, continue the family tradition of using only the finest & purest ingredients of which one - passion - simply cannot be bought.

We are, quite simply, multi-award winning craft bakers producing quality breads for retail, wholesale & farmers markets throughout Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.